We like challenges.

Event Security

Corporate meetings, promotional events, entertainment venues, parties, you name it, we’ll secure it for you. And we make it simple.

If you produce events at more than one location, you’ll now have just one point of contact for each of your venues. Our offices are at your service, wherever and whenever you need them. Contact us. Our dedicated security coordinator will take care of everything.

To simplify your life and hire special event security, just call us to speak to one of our helpful security coordinators.

We can handle large events to major events.

We have been doing security for the same schools year after year. Sororities and Frats both use our services. Many times we are required to be there for them to have the event.

We have done security for a high school where we needed to ensure the kids did not leave the venue. Two years in a row no issues. Another high school also contacted us to supervise their kids at a hotel.

We have only done this once but yes weddings too. This was due to unwanted visitors showing up.

We like challenges.

Feel secure with the event security guards of Rockwall Security Associates LLC

There is one thing nobody needs in the midst of promoting, planning, and staging an event – small or large: one more thing to worry about.

The job is complex enough without having to fret about potential glitches like event security guards, who unfortunately might not make the grade. Maybe you’ve encountered inefficient or poorly trained security guards at other events, and maybe you’re well-aware of the complications they can cause.

That is why Rockwall Security Associates LLC stands tall in taking each of those event security worries off your shoulders, with its exceptional range of event security guards who licensed, heavily trained, and absolutely reliable. Surprisingly, they’re affordable too!

Whether you’re looking for school events, college events, or wedding security services, event security always requires a rare breed of event security guards who can bring the blend of professionalism, efficiency, sensitivity, judgment, and experience that you expect and your guests deserve.

Are you in Oklahoma and looking for celebrity protection and security services? We offer that too. Call us now for more information!