The extremely competitive nature of the retail market of today has brought margins to an all-time low. Just a single act of deception, embezzlement, or theft can wipe out even a week’s profit. The extensive experience of Rockwall Security Associates LLC in retail store security within Texas has made the difference between disaster and solvency for some of our clients. Our site-specific security programs make use of undercover operations and high visibility to ensure the protection of the assets of our clients. Your bottom line is directly affected by customer safety and protection. When customers feel they can shop in a secure and safe environment, they are more likely not just to return, but also refer their friends/family to your establishment. With years of experience in personal security services across the city and states, Rockwall Security Associates LLC has formulated many security programs that promote return business by offering your customers with peace of mind. Irrespective of what you sell or where you sell it, Rockwall Security Associates LLC has a site-specific security program that will assist you in bolstering your bottom line.

We cant list them all but here are a few more

Rockwall Security Associates, LLC has provided security for over a hundred retail stores. Some are very popular for instance, Michael Kors, Bath and Body Works, Kendra Scott, Victoria Secret and Candyopolis are just a few.

When the street car rails had to be fixed. Our team was called to make sure traffic and the rail cars were able to move safety .

We will make sure your home is safe and secure. We have transported clients and guarded their property in several types of situations. Let us help you with your security concerns.

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Why Rockwall Security Associates LLC?

The responsibility of protecting the assets of a merchant is something that Rockwall Security Associates LLC has excelled at over the last few years. Our professional security guards thrive on the task of being trusted with inventory worth millions of dollars.

Offering uniformed, highly visible officers at every entrance and exit, we offer a presence that has proven successful as a deterrent. So if you’ve been searching for investigation services or a private investigator in Oklahoma, stop now. You’re exactly where you’re needed to be.