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    We like challenges.

    We’re the asset protection specialist you’re looking for

    At Rockwall Security Associates LLC, we find that majority of the clients need well-trained, professional security guards whose approach is respect and diplomacy.

    The security personnel of Rockwall Security Associates LLC, with its professional dress and bearing, are usually the ‘first face’ that students, employees, and/or visitors see as they enter your business place, assisting you in maintaining the professional image of your organization starting with the very first person visitors see.

    We like challenges.

    Your safety deserves personal attention

    We know how stressful it can be sifting through a ton of home security services out there. At Rockwall Security Associates LLC, we pride ourselves on being one of the premium home security companies of the nation, so look no further.

    As a customer of Rockwall Security Associates LLC, you’ll receive 24/7 support, customer service, and monitoring services by trained professionals. Knowing that your maintenance and installation will be completed by qualified technicians assists in offering peace of mind.

    professional asset protection specialist



    In the last couple years we at Rockwall Security Associates LLC, have helped secure Amazon distribution centers twice in two different states . We also encourage our employees to become OSHA and CPR certified while working on construction site. Notice an actual photo of the Fort-Worth project located in oklahoma .

    We like challenges.

    World-class investigative and consulting services

    Rockwall Security Services LLC offers professional investigation services for prominent law firms, privately held businesses, and big companies.

    As your private investigator in Oklahoma, we’ll offer you the highest level of expertise. As a consequence of our investigation services, our clients have been able to mitigate their exposure to risk, eliminate theft-related loss, and operate their organizations with increased profitability, efficiency, and control.








    We like challenges.

    Don’t wait, look for personal security services now

    In the day and age of today, we’re reminded of the significance of hiring a professional security service company to keep people from terrorizing events and threats.

    No one should be leaving their house, hoping they make it home alive. These days, business owners are not faced with the challenge of running a profitable business, but also faced with keeping their customers and employees safe. As arguably the best security guard company, we work with event organizers and business owners to mitigate the likelihood of threats by formulating a tailored defense plan for every possible scenario.



    Rockwall Security Associates, LLC works with several Private Investigators to perform great surveillance while gathering information regarding your case! We have some of the most up to date equipment out there !


    Rockwall Security Associates, LLC leads the way in providing protection for retail store security, night clubs security, special event security and apartment/community security including hospitals and colleges. Rockwalls’ main focus is preventing liability, theft, and overall crime by being proactive in deterring crime

    Rockwall Security Associates, LLC.

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      Where to Hire best security guard Service Company in Oklahoma?

      Hire your best security guards services company in Oklahoma. we provide diligent all level securities to multiple companies.

      What Our Customers Say

      Andrea Johnson
      Andrea Johnson
      I am a manager of a hotel here in the city. I have dealt with homeless, upset guest, break-ins and everything else in between. It is nice to finally have a security company that I can count on. Very professional will definitely recommend.
      Desyrhea Mcleod
      Desyrhea Mcleod
      Phenomenal company to do work with. They provided us security at a time of emergency. The guard was excellent and attentive.
      arieyana blackwell
      arieyana blackwell
      I have used them twice and they have always showed up and managed the crowd.
      Rick Noel
      Rick Noel
      They take their job seriously.