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    Professional investigation services in Oklahoma

    Rockwell Security LLC provides a full suite of highly professional investigation services for our clients. With a service that is available 24/7, our professional investigators have experience in all areas of private investigation. Their expertise includes surveillance, asset recovery, infidelity, child custody, forensics, missing persons, among many others.

    Our Service Areas for Professional Investigation Services in Oklahoma

    Criminal Investigation

    Whenever a crime is committed, and you are the victim, the commencement of criminal investigation within the legal boundary. Private investigators of Rockwall Security LLC will become your legal advocates to uncover facts, figures, evidence, and motives in a documented manner. Our team of skilled investigators will deliver the results by analyzing, scrutinizing, interrogating, and reporting methods. Our goal is to approach any law firm, law enforcement agency, or government department to ensure timely justice.

    Background Checks

    Our private investigation services also bring you a complete background check using our criminal verification method. The criminal background check metrics include all forms of verification checks, including Social Security, DMV, Credit history check, and others. Our investigators analyze the data collected and provide recommendations based on the results generated for your safety concerns. Our investigators also provide a due-diligence report for pre-employment verification that funnels out misrepresented or any deceitful job applications with wrong information. The expertise of our professionals ensures that the information is as accurate and legitimate as possible.

    Homicide Investigations

    Our professional investigation services in Oklahoma also employ experts to assist in various unsolved cases. Our cold-case homicide investigators bring all the facts and evidence of the table for proper analysis and conclude to forward to DA for further investigation and confirmation.

    Surveillance and Protection

    The investigator group at Rockwall Security LLC can also provide you with surveillance services. Threat mitigation, stalked or followed or appropriate monitoring and observation of your home, are among our investigation services. We tailor professional domestic surveillance and set investigation criteria to meet your needs. Our reporting system allows you to employ our security protocols for further protection and security.

    At Rockwall Security LLC, we make the use of most sophisticated methods and technologies for investigative purposes to deliver quick and efficient results. We are also a member of various organizations that service your investigation needs, making us the best choice for your investigative needs.

    Respect for Confidentiality

    Professional Investigation Services in Oklahoma

    At Rockwell Security LLC, we take the utmost care in maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our clients during our investigation services. We consider ourselves accountable to the higher standards of respect and understanding with our clients. We will remain transparent at all times regarding your options, recommend the best possible way, and, most importantly saving your time, effort, and money.

    Professionals on Job

    As an agency specializing in investigative services, we employ multiple professionals, each with their area of expertise. This allows us to offer a team-based approach for an investigation that only a few other companies provide. If your requirements go beyond normal methodologies, then we will employ industry professionals from our roster to fill your needs. We open doors for you by having direct professional connections with lawyers and other authorities.

    Our professionalism and expertise make sure that our customers receive complete satisfaction from us while offering them our professional and comprehensive investigation services in Oklahoma. We hope that you feel confident in our ability to meet your expectations and keep in mind that customer satisfaction is our number one focus. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise enable us to offer an unrivaled service not found anywhere else.

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