We like challenges.

Shielding what matters

Undoubtedly, we all want to feel safe in our homes. If you manage or own an HOA, apartment complex, gated community, or other residential living situation, you know that the security and safety of your residents is your fundamental priority. Communities across the country have recognized the increased need for crime prevention and security protection. Have you taken the essential steps to protect what matters?

Rockwall Security Associates LLC has been one of the major providers of residential security and investigation services in oklahoma for a number of years. Our team of security professionals is composed of trained and licensed individuals. With their comprehensive training, they have the skills required to keep your residents and property safe, which also delivers the peace of mind you need.

From managing emergencies to offering access control services, our professional residential security guards act as a watchful eye that protects your residents.

In 2018 our security team was asked to help with the reconstruction of a bank. The construction company appreciated us and asked us to help them with a store. They were experience theft at the site and several people trespassing. We would later find out we would be helping with the Aldi’s in Moore Oklahoma.

We like challenges.

How can Rockwall Security Associates LLC help you?

Apartment, gated communities, condo complexes, HOAs, and other residential living communities share a few of the most common threats. The greatest security threats comprise loitering, assaults, vandalism, break-ins, burglary, and property theft. While electronic gates and alarm systems are sound security measures, they do have their limitations.

An effective residential security program should comprise professional, on-site security guards. As the best security guard company, the guards of Rockwall Security Associates LLC understand the most pressing threats against the residents and the residential community as a whole. They also understand that all communities are different. Our security guards know the vitality of learning the unique characteristics of your residents, buildings, and property. We work with you to consider these factors and formulate a security construction plan for mitigating and identifying safety risks.

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