Investigation services like no other

Rockwall Security Associates LLC is a leading provider of investigation services in Oklahoma. Our network of credentialed and trained investigate professionals allow us to succeed in geographically dispersed and large-scale requirements.

Rockwall Security Associates LLC conducts several investigation activities on an annual basis. We have built our reputation on successfully conducting complex and sensitive work to include intelligence gathering, background investigations, and risk mitigation services. With an enormous network of investigators, the security construction and staffing capability of Rockwall Security Associates LLC is a comprehensive solution for any project.

Rockwall Security Associates LLC acknowledges the value of rapidly responding to investigative programs to safeguard public health and reduce waste, fraud, and abuse of government assistance.

We have participated in the construction security of two Amazon buildings in multiple years.

After hours sub-contractors want to get the job done quickly. However, work can not be accounted for or recorded sometimes, equipment get mixed up and in some cases sub-contractors can not work with out supervision for safety reasons. The truck above was ask to leave and complied.

Many times construction companies leave in a hurry and leave doors unlock. Our company will go by and insure they are secured. At night we record all equipment on site and any doors unlocked before we secure them. We have seen trucks come in the parking-lot with the tail gate down and we had to escort them off property several times.

Our company will insure your property has equipment to help us with our job even if we need to order the equipment.

Officers or asked to become CPR certified to help ensure we are there if you need us and with the proper skills. We will not fail on insuring your property is safe and secure.


Time to start talking about an asset protection specialist

Life is nothing but a series of unexpected events, and it’s not possible to predict the future. While you work hard to gain financial stability for you and your family, you also need to ensure that this stability remains protected.

Rockwall Security Associates LLC is your full-service asset protection specialist. We’re here to assist. We want you to have the peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are taken care of with Rockwall Security Associates LLC on your side.

For many years, we’ve put security and safety first

For many years, Rockwall Security Associates LLC has evolved as risk has evolved. We offer security solutions that not just help protect against threats, but allows firms to make more informed, better decisions about their security operations. The mission of Rockwall Security Associates LLC is focused on leveraging technology, data, and manpower to deploy smarter security for our customers. So if you’re in Oklahoma and looking for security services, don’t look further than what Rockwall Security Associates LLC has to offer.