Using verbal skills to subdue or deflect

My name is
- Verbal Judo

Example: We can jump on a shoplifter who has stolen everyday without probable cause and risk legal problems and unnecessary publicity. On the other hand we can also teach your staff to greet customers, observe, communicate and assist in gathering proper evidence, move items of interest to more secure areas and remove any visual obstructing structures. This helps win the War, then we clean up the rest by ensuring we have the proper evidence and tactfully turn the shoplifter(s) over to authority.   See more info under services. The criminal justice knowledge we use it to help not only investigate issues but to make the best call. We not the only company with managers with this background however, we are one if not the only company to ensure every employee is  aware of this principles.  Know your client, Be business minded, have military discipline and think of the legal liabilities. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu. We will not take any assignment. We want clients who have a need for security and those who we are confident that we can help. Over 2000 clients we have served in the past couple of years only five or less have been unsatisfied to this date 11/28/19. They were going to break the law and  after instructing them on the risk they were able to understand why we would not “shoot someone for Trespassing.”  You must be welcoming to suggestions. We are truly the professionals you seek and our goal is simple, to help YOU. We have been known to do volunteer work, because we are set on helping and building up our community as well as our list of happy clients.

Our founders have studied every facet of security since the early 1900’s.  While the majority of companies are “observe and  report” oriented, Rockwall is not one. Our principles are first built on relationships. We must know your interest and/or concerns.The second is business. When we build on this level we constantly remember first the image of our company and second the image of your company. Meaning we will try to always make sure our interest and behavior is in the best interest of your business. No matter if its a multi-million dollar company or a small mom and pop shop. We are so true to this that we will stop you if we feel you are making a decision that may damage your reputation or business. The third  level of our business is of a military background. We don’t just run into a situation, we evaluate the risk to you and our business.  We are not in it to win the battle, we are aiming to win the war.

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