We like challenges.

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We like challenges.

Apartment security in Oklahoma Service

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When it comes to apartment security, one thing is certain: it is the primary concern of residents and homebuyers in condominiums, HOAs, gated communities, apartment complexes, and other managed communities in every nook and cranny of the country. Everyone wants to live in a secure, safe community, and nobody should ever expect anything less. But apartment security can never be taken for granted. Not when more than two million burglaries occur in the US every year. Not when a home burglary is committed every 13 seconds. Not when 2,500 cars are stolen every day – one every two seconds, and usually from the homes of the owners. Not when appropriate and reliable residential security services like Rockwall Security Associates LLC can cut the risk substantially. That’s where Rockwall Security Associates LLC comes in, with top-end apartment and community security services in oklahoma, at a price that won’t rattle your bottom line. Your security is our main priority.

We like challenges.

We did not list all the properties we served. The information stated may not reflect their current condition, just the condition during our term.

May 2016 there was a deadly shooting at an apartment complex in Oklahoma city. A few months after we were called on property and installed cameras for free. We engaged with the community and built a report with management. 2016-2017 we didn’t have one violent issue besides a street fight in the first month.

This apartment complex was infested with meth users. The management called us and we assisted with gathering the evidence to help get them evicted. Our team would stay in the vacant apartments, make rounds and respond to complaints. We also helped the apartment complex get cameras. That was in 2017, they are still our costumers in 2020

This was one of our most challenging projects ever. The first part of the year we were shot at approximately three times. Our officer responded to an infant needing life saving assistance. Many of the buildings were condemn with homeless people. We handled this property so well in terms of safety their management insisted with take on additional three properties.

We like challenges.

We’re community security experts

Whether you’re an HOA officer, a property manager, or another decision-making in your community, you already know that your residents expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to apartment security services. After all, one key reason they are with you is that they wanted to beat those nerve-wrenching burglary statistics. And when you team up with Rockwall Security Associates LLC, they can do just that.

The home security services of Rockwall Security Associates LLC are just a phone call away – featuring trained, licensed, and affordable security guards. Whether you oversee many far-flung apartments or just a single property – that means no more worries for you about logistics, scheduling, or unexpected absences. So, what are you waiting for? Use Rockwall Security Associates LLC to hire professional security guards in Oklahoma right now!